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#185606 - 20/10/2003 15:33 swg

Registered: 15/01/2002
Posts: 1866
Loc: Austin
does anyone on the board play?
i recently picked it up and started a character on scylla. im currently going after scout, medic, artisan and pistols in my marksman on naboo.
i just started playing saturday, and ive enjoyed it so far.
im playing a female zabrak named Vislyn Grh'al. feel free to look me up if you do play, and are on scylla.

#185607 - 20/10/2003 16:28 Re: swg [Re: RobotCaleb]

Registered: 20/02/2002
Posts: 72
Loc: Atlanta, GA
I personally don't as I haven't the time, but a lot of my friends are addicted to it.
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#185608 - 20/10/2003 16:30 Re: swg [Re: RobotCaleb]

Registered: 25/04/2000
Posts: 1472
Loc: Arizona
I'm still playing, and still enjoying it. My character is on Lowca... He is a male (redundancy!) Zabrak bounty hunter/medic/ranger (slowly losing ranger as progressing further in bounty hunter).

#185609 - 21/10/2003 05:47 Re: swg [Re: RobotCaleb]

Registered: 24/08/1999
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Loc: TX
Oh No!
I can feel my geekiness leaching away even as I ask this question........

What is swg????

Am I still fit to inhabit this board?
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#185610 - 21/10/2003 07:29 Re: swg [Re: ashmoore]

Registered: 09/09/2000
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Loc: Richmond, VA
For shame.

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#368637 - 16/04/2017 01:32 Re: swg [Re: RobotCaleb]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 08/06/1999
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Loc: Seattle, WA
I had to smile seeing a bot indexing this thread. Who knew that a few years later, I'd be working on this game, and ultimately Caleb and I worked together on the next game from the same studio.

Seems fitting to share this here. Due to my still partial god mode access to the test centers, I was the last person in the game before the shutdown, sharing the moment with a former manager and the technical director on the game. The screenshot attached is from my house on the public test server I set up in my time on the team. They forgot to shut them down at the same time as the public ones.

screenShot0039.jpg (27 downloads)
Description: Final SWG moment