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#370941 - 02/05/2018 12:20 Re: A big transition for the boards
carpal tunnel

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I have had to remove the "A big transition for the boards" thread for now. When it comes down to it, I host the bbs and I have to be responsible for what is posted on it.

I believe there were potentially libellous statements from more than one party. I say "potentially libellous", because I, as a third part have no idea whether anyone in the thread is lying about what someone else said or not. It seems more likely that it just two interpretations of the same event.

I had a request to remove some statements from the thread.

On the subject of looking at PMs, I certainly havn't looked at anyone else's PMs and the bbs doesn't appear to provide a straight forward way of admins viewing other users PMs.

P.S. That thread was never visible to anyone who wasn't logged into the bbs. There is a hard coded exception in the bbs code to hide that thread id from non logged in users.

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#370955 - 10/05/2018 10:55 Re: A big transition for the boards [Re: andy]

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I think removing the thread was the right decision. Hope the individuals concerned can come to some accommodation with each other as unlike me they've been very valuable members over the years.