A bunch of us have been working away in a slightly obscure thread on this BSS, modifying Mark Cushman's excellent Empeg Web Lite stylesheet.

One result is the attached file, a .zip file you can download, unzip, and then move the contents to the root (/) directory of your empeg via FTP.

Once done, just surf to the Hijack web interface (upgrade to the latest Hijack first!), and click on the link at the bottom of the page. This gives you an animated facsimile of your empeg, complete with clickable buttons, and a full playlist structure for exploring your tunes.

The catch? It only (all) works in Firefox at the moment.
Development is still underway, but I feel we need more people to become involved.
So, please install it and try it out, and continue the feedback / discussions in this new thread.

Actually, only two files from the .zip are needed: default.xsl, and fascia.png. The remainder of the files are just alternative colour versions of the latter. So if you prefer an amber lens on your empeg, just copy fascia_amber.png over to your player as fascia.png.



299374-mlord_empeg_weblite.zip (462 downloads)

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