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#102 - 12/07/1999 12:19 QUESTIONS
new poster

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1. I noticed that there is no link for this forum on the empeg page. Am I missing something? I only noticed it in the newsletter.

2. Does anyone have one of these in a Focus yet?

3. Because there is no way to copy data FROM the empeg, is there no way to do a back up of your drive? Compiling 24 gig's worth of data is going to take a long time. I would hate to loose that!

4. Will this unit play random? Random within a playlist?

5. Have you looked into distributing with Best Buy or Crutchfield in the States? This is an amazing product - it will change the business!

6. Again, what are the basic terms of the warranty? I understand if the lawyers are still working on the wording, but can you at least say "one year limited" or something?

7. The empeg registration page says that the units will ship in March...

8. I noticed on the photo page the PWEI "16 flavors of hell" CD. I loved these guys! Is this cd any good? I have seen it around, but wasn't sure if it was going to be any good. Are they still together or what?

9. I bet you could do a cross promotion with a few bands or or something. Preloaded with a few tracks!


Brad Barbaza
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Hear my mp3's at

#103 - 12/07/1999 14:13 Re: QUESTIONS [Re: BradBarbaza]
carpal tunnel

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1. The link is in newsletter #8 :)
2. Not yet - only in testers cars for another ~1.5 weeks. sell a focus fascia panel which will allow DIN stereos to mount in the focus.
3. We're working on methods. Quite possibly only structure backup, in that you keep a mirror on the PC of the tunes.
4. Yes, random within playlists: this can include the whole unit, as this is what the root playlist is.
5. No distribution until we've satisfied direct demand.
6. Warranty wording has been sorted, 180 days in USA (we have a support operation in Florida) and 1 year in the EU.
7. Whoops... well, the best things come to those who wait (or something ;) )
8. It's a great "Best of" cd. I think CDnow probably sell it as an import. I don't think they've ever *officially* broken up, but it's been about 5 years since the last new stuff. Saw them live in '94 at the Phoenix festival :)
9. We've been talking to them about this, we went and visited after the MP3 summit.