where is one to begin? i will start by saying that if it were not for my accursed neighbour and the riocar recently installed in his SUV, i would not have one of my own

this unit is one of the most well made and thought-out pieces of equipment i've ever had the plesure to use. the simple fact that it can store my entire cd collection at 256kbps and still have 30GB storage left over pretty much sums up the convenience factor. secondly, it's actually possible to re-map any button to perform any action (almost) - this is one of the coolest things ever! i can't tell you how many times i looked at my old stereo and said 'that xxxx button would have been better as a mute button' yet unable to do anything about it. not so with the empeg, crack open the config.ini and you're good to go. i haven't had it installed in the car yet but i have made a few startup animations plus menus are customizable. playing it through my home stereo i am still impressed. switching songs is quick, searches are smart and don't stop the playback to search like some cd-based players. i can't say enough good things about it!

my darkstorm lenses came in today and i am even happier still! these things fit like a glove and really help blend into your cars' illumination with the right lens. TWO THUMBS UP for darkstorm! i am thinking of ordering a spare smoke lens just in case mine gets scratched - thats how much i likes. after it is installed in my car, i will fill everyone in on how well it matches my honda accords' illumination. maybe we could start a matrix showing the best possible match for other makes and models of vehicles?

the price is the only "con" but then again...naw. its worth every penny and you can be sure that baby is never bieng left in my car unattended.

lastly, if it wasn't for the help/support on this board i would have been reluctant to buy an empeg. thanks everyone!
It seemed like a good idea at the time.