Well, with the use of my MK.II player now, I am now ready to release my MK.I unit. Here is the specs:

- Empeg MK.I
- 10GB Hard Drive (2nd Bay Still Open)
- Green Display
- Remote
- Original Box
- All cables included
- Will include a CD-ROM with the latest software at the time of your purchase

The unit is in mint condition, and has served as an EXCELLENT MP3 player to me. Seeing as how production on Empegs is still at a crawl, here is your chance to own an Empeg player today! If it were not for Ethernet added to the MK.II, I would have stuck with the MK.I because the both work excellent!

I am willing to let this unit go for $1000.00 to the first offer I receive. Anyone interested in the unit, please e-mail me. I am willing to ship FedEx anywhere in the US for $15.00.

Chris Zimmerman
[email protected]
Customer #427
Proud Owner of MK.I S/N 00028
Chris Zimmerman - #427
[email protected]
MK.I - 00028
MK.II - 060000051