I have an autopc with the navigation add-on package, and the odessy navigation software, the MP3 player software, and just about every application available. I am willing to trade even up for a 4-6gig Mark1 with all accessories (I.E. what you got when you bought it) and the info on how to get the development stuff for it.

I am a equipment/software hacker and the autopc/clarion are hostile to my type (Want to open/hack it type) If you are just a equipment user, like the idea of talking to your car stereo, having it talk back, and do navigation stuff, play blackjack, play CD's and MP3's off of a cd and CF card, this is a nice unit.

Ok, Ok... it's a Windows CE device... so It will communicate with your laptop and palm Ce device via IRDA.

If you love windows, this is what you want... Me? i just want a Linux based Auto Computing platform... If I could have shoveled Linux into the autopc I would have... but it will not happen. email me at [email protected] (remove the NOSPAM's) if you want more info/to deal