Just bought the nitrus at best buy in Anchorage, AK. They didn't make it easy to find, and no Karma's. I paid $239 after a mail-in rebate for $20. I wanted a little bit smaller portable, and I like the battery and form factor of the 1.5 gigs. Very cool how it is preloaded with a song called Alaska, it was the first one to play when I turned it on.

My first impression is, MY GOD THIS IS TINY!!! I've never imagined anyone could put 1.5 gigs in such a small place! Kudos to the Rio team. The UI is very useable. I like the button layout. I haven't uploaded anything to it yet or upgraded the software. I like it and the price is pretty good. The sound quality and stereo separation is great. I would probably get better earbuds if I was going to use it for serious listening, but I plan on using the nitrus for working out.. and the form factor is great. Who needs 40 gigs when you can just uploaded often and exchange playlists? The nitrus is so portable even those people who think its a hassle to plug in a usb cable shouldn't be bothered. If anyone is interested in anything more post and I'll try to let you know what I think.

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