The GT3b1 vorbis tunings (for Q=>5) have been merged with the official Vorbis 1.0.1 code and released as GT3b2 on Almost all of the supplemental libraries and utilities have 3 versions now (1.0.1, GT3b1, GT3b2) so that almost whatever utilities you might want to use now can take advantage of a single build for traditional Q<5 and tunings for Q>=5.

There are dll's for CDex, headAC3he (great for the audio tracks from a DVD), CoolEdit, and more. OggdropXPd is also available in all three versions and has a number of features for FLAC->Ogg transcoding, including support for tags and ReplayGain values.

(OggdropXPd can be used for batch transcoding, I've done things like search for *.flac and then ctrl-drag the files onto Oggdrop which will put the output files in the configured location.)

Oggenc2.3 is an extention of the official command line ogg encoder (oggenc) with additional features for lossless audio transcoding including FLAC and other fixs and additions for character encoding in comments and stuff like that. If you're using EAC for ripping this is the encoder you should be using.

While the "Garf Tuned" changes aren't official, Garf is a member of the Vorbis development team and Monty (the lead engineer) has said that many of Garf's ideas are likely to be used in Vorbis 1.1 in the future.

I'll be glad to help people out with ripping, transcoding, encoding, and tagging issues, but my focus is on trying to minimize quality losses and errors, not on the basic questions that have been answered in many places like