Ok, the riocar_admin @ miniinfo.net account just saw 156 messages in the past day, all viruses. This is a huge spike over the normal 5-10 a day. What does this mean? Someone who reads this site is infected badly, and very possibly multiple people. Please, if you are reading this board from any Windows machine running Internet Explorer, run the free online virus scanner at Trend Micro Housecall. It works through your browser, and again, it is FREE. If indeed you are infected, it might be time to change your computer security strategies. Start out by switching to a more secure web browser and e-mail client. Finish up by using common sense with e-mail attachments, and keeping your machine up to date.

These newer viruses don't use your address book, instead they root through your Internet Explorer cache and find e-mail addresses that way. The admin one happens to be glued to every page this board generates.

Help to keep my admin inbox clean, and your systems clean.