For those that may skip the Off Topic fourm, I felt this of importance to post here, as I stll see a sizable percentage of the users here run Internet Explorer on Windows.

A new vunerability in Internet Explorer is being exploited to allow your computer to be used as a spam server, or to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information. This vunerability has not been patched, and virus scanners also may not pick up the viruses. There is no way to tell if you are being infected, as it bypasses all prompts in the browser. And lastly, this isn't a virus you can catch only off some shady web site, a number of high profile web sites have been hacked via a flaw in IIS to allow the virus to be served to IE using visitors.

Is is now more critical then ever that any Internet Explorer user, (including MyIE and similar programs), to consider switching to Firefox, Opera, or Mozilla. Please consider the switch to avoid settling fraud charges, and to also keep our inboxes from being bombarded with new spam.

For more information on the attacks, see Google News. To discuss it, join in here.

For those that may feel they are already infected, Microsoft has a help site including a free support number that you may call for assistance.

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