There were several threads on this BBS asking about purchasing the Rio Receiver outside of the United States. It is a US product and does not (at the time of this writing) have an official international distribution channel. Some international companies are offering it for sale, although at the time of this writing there was some question about whether or not those companies could successfully fill an order or not.

In response to this discussion, Rob wrote the following comments on the BBS:
    If everyone outside of the USA who is serious about wanting to buy a Rio Receiver sends me an email I'll look into finding some way to help on a one-off basis. No promises.

    The Rio Receiver is currently available in the UK. It is however a US product with UK cable. Unfortunately the packaging is damaged and we are re-packing. Consumers wishing to buy the product immediately can contact [email protected] Alternatively it will be available through normal distribution channels from mid-January.

Later, Rob followed it up with the following:
    Well clearly the mid January bit isn't correct (unless it has been released here without anyone noticing). I would guess that Nick still has that plain packaged stock but I don't know for sure if the offer still stands.

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Tony Fabris