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#221216 - 16/03/2002 13:23 Screen Capture?

Registered: 26/02/2002
Posts: 7
Does anyone know of a way to capture a screen shot of the Rio Central display? I'm writing a review of the unit and I would like to include pictures. My results with a digital camera have not been the greatest so far.

#221217 - 17/03/2002 17:04 Re: Screen Capture? [Re: douglsmith]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 20/12/1999
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Loc: Seattle, WA
There are some existing screen shots in the gallery at, under "historic photos from the vault".

Anything beyond that, and you're going to need some tech support help because it will require some mucking about at the shell prompt. The problem isn't so much getting the screen captures, it's getting them off the unit and onto your PC...
Tony Fabris

#221218 - 18/03/2002 06:35 Re: Screen Capture? [Re: douglsmith]
carpal tunnel

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Email [email protected] with your requirement - he did all the screen shots for the user guide, and should still have them available.