After too many cans of Coke and a lot of swearing, I've built a multicast receiver. It's an ugly redheaded stepchild hack involving madplay and an rtp dump utility grabbed from, but it works!

I have to clean up the filesystem and build a distributable .arf tarball, which I'll be doing "in the indefinite future", but if you're particularly interested in this hack, let me know and I'll try to light a fire under myself.

For those that aren't quite aware of what this means, it means two very important things (to me, at least):

- synchronized Rio Receivers playing from a single stream of multicast data (for multiroom gigs)

- "remote control" of the audio coming out of the Receiver (in the sense that who controls the stream source controls the Receiver's output, effectively).

I have this hooked up to an install of Obsequeium, and am finally enjoying tunes in the style I originally wanted

BTW: there is, at present, absolutely -no- user interface on this mess. I hope to put one together eventually that would allow you to dial in to any visible stream from the Receiver's front panel, but that is a -long- way away, since it means I have to learn a bunch more about RTSP and all that crap.

S/N 0141 Blue 20GB