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#221393 - 14/04/2002 23:48 Generated playlists ending up as random sizes

Registered: 06/11/2001
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Loc: San Diego, CA, USA
I've now seen this three times, and have reproduced it at least once.

I go into the player and select to play music by Genre. I choose one of my genres, such as soundtracks. This brings up a list of something like 100 songs or so. I choose to play all the songs.

The resulting playlist, however, ends up being a random size. Sometimes it's twenty, sometimes 10. I even got one that was just 3 songs long.

I went into the menu again and tried selecting one of the songs that gets omitted, and it plays fine.

Any ideas?
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#221394 - 15/04/2002 07:05 Re: Generated playlists ending up as random sizes [Re: svferris]
carpal tunnel

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Yeah, sounds like the query that's building the menu is fuzzier than the query that's building the results. This is entirely possible. Have you checked for case/punctuation differences in the genre field between the songs that appear and the songs that don't?
-- roger