If you can't seem to get the receiver to play a large number of songs, for instance, if you try to play all songs by artist and it doesn't work, or if you get an 'Error 22', you've run into a bug in the current version of the software.

There are two separate issues here. First, the server software chokes on particularly large collections of tunes. Second, the receiver itself chokes if asked to play a list of songs that's too large.

Work-arounds, until an upgrade of the official software is released:

- Use playlists to create smaller sub-sets of your collection, and just play those playlists, or,

- Use one of the third party server products, such as JReceiver.

JReceiver fixes the server side of the bug, but doesn't completely get rid of the bug on the receiver side. The receiver still can't play huge lists of songs, but the server software will truncate any large lists it sends to the receiver so at least it doesn't crash or give an error message.
Tony Fabris