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#224445 - 16/01/2004 10:24 New user of Rio Central has software question

Registered: 09/01/2004
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I have set up my new Central and all seems to be working well. I have loaded the hard drive up to about 95%. The central is communicating with the PC just fine and I'm able to use the emplode software. NOW, how can I work backwards and get songs off the Central back down to the PC. If there is a link to a site that has the Rio software I could load, could someone send me that? Thanks!

#224446 - 16/01/2004 11:16 Re: New user of Rio Central has software question [Re: Madmahx]
carpal tunnel

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This feature is deliberately disabled in the software for the Rio Central. Rio's lawyers decided it for them, not the software developers, so pleas and arguments will fall upon deaf ears.
Tony Fabris