Emplode 2.0 Final.

Tod was trying to set the positional order of his parent playlists to be alphabetical. He did not want to sort their children at that time, just those root playlists.

This would normally be done by selecting the root playlist, then hitting EDIT, SET PLAYLIST ORDER.

(I know there are other ways to get the job done, I'm trying to report specifically this bug with that *particular* menu item...)

The bug: This menu item is grayed out if the left-hand pane is the focused pane.

It's grayed out even if the correct playlist is clearly selected and focused there in the left-hand pane. This resulted in a certain amount of confusion, because neither he nor I saw any available menu options to set the playlist order the way we wanted. We couldn't understand why right-clicking on the root playlist (in the left hand pane) and hitting "sort by title" wasn't doing anything useful to the actual position order of the playlist's children. We didn't know we were simply selecting the wrong feautre, because the real feature we wanted was grayed out (as well as not existing in the context menu for the left-hand pane) so we didn't even look at it.

Only after the right-hand pane is focused does the menu item get ungrayed. This is counterintuituve since we deliberately selected the playlist we wanted to alter in the left-hand tree. Also, the context of the playlist being selected on the left side of the screen, and the playlist being selected on the right side of the screen, should not be relevant to that menu item. Whatever playlist is selected, that's what should get sorted. I've noticed that it's possible to have two different playlists selected in the left-hand and right-hand panes (parent in the left hand pane, child in the right hand pane). So I'm not sure which of the two should get precedence in that case.
Tony Fabris