I have written a replacement the Rio Receiver Server software and dramatically increases it's functionality and fixes some of it's annoying issues (like alphabetical play).

It's all free/open source, and based on the free mp3 server "Ampache". I'm simply spreading the word to the Rio Receiver Community, I just want people to benefit from my work.

It's also considerable simpler to setup than some of the other server-alternative that exist, especially if you're on Windows. If you've ever tried this before, you'll be glad to hear it leverages a new windows-service based NFS/SSDP boot server written by one of the original Rio Receiver programmers, Roger Lipscombe.

Here's the key improvements:

1. Built upon the amazing, easy to use and feature rich mp3 server "Ampache"

2. No longer will you have to listen to your tracks in ALPHABETICAL order!

Tracks are sorted in the following manner (assuming random play isn't selected): Artist, Album, Track Number, Path\Filename

3. Leverages Ampache's Catalog so that if you have a large collection and only add a single new album, it doesn't take forever to re-catalog.

4. Tracks the play stats of each Receiver unit, so it can dynamically create playlists based on Favorite Songs/Artists/Albums!!!

5. Can handle catalogs with more than 3000 tracks by automatically limiting query results. The original Audio Receiver Manager did not limit responses and would crash the unit as a result.

Complete details and downloads available at

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.