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#233178 - 11/09/2004 06:36 RioCentral firmware
new poster

Registered: 11/09/2004
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Loc: Amsterdam, Netherlands
I hope somebody can help me with this. I have downloaded the RioCentral latest firmware 1.10 from, but I am unable to unzip it. I've tried it on multiple machines with different OS-es - same error. I have tried contacting Rio support, but they only respond with the statement that they no longer support the Rio Central and are obviously unwilling to help me any further.

My question is: does somebody have a working copy of the Rio Central firmware, and are they willing to share it with me (via ftp/http/ssh)? I can also setup an SSH account locally to enable people to upload it to my machine.

Please reply to [email protected]

#233179 - 11/09/2004 13:17 Re: RioCentral firmware [Re: Jeroen]
The Central Guy

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It's true that there is/was a problem with the 1.10 software download (the one WITH the CDDB files). Since those database files were not updated and are the same as the files on the original software release CD, there is really no point to downloading them.

You can get the new software without the CDDB files at this link:

After unzipping the file, you'll need the software to burn an ISO image of this file to CD. I've used Easy CD Creator and it works fine. But you're not home free yet...

I've applied this upgrade to 3 different Rio Centrals. It worked on my Dad's machine (not much music on it), worked on my spare (only had 1 CD recorded on it at the time), but wouldn't work on my almost full 120 GB machine. I had to do some fancy footwork to get 1.10 on that machine that involved building up a new image on a blank drive and then copying the music files over with Ghost...

But give it a try and see if it will work for you with the smaller file linked above....Are you still using the stock 40 GB drive or have you upgraded? Large drives with lots of music don't seem to want to upgrade....

Oh, and as far as the large software update file that won't unzip, when it was originally posted it would fail a certain way through the unzip process and produce a file that was unusable.

After several of us wrote to support, I think they eventually replaced the file. The new one still gives an error when it finishes unzipping, but I believe that the file does unzip correctly because I was able to upgrade one of my Centrals with the resulting image....So even though it still gives some kind of error message upon completion, the file extraction seems to work...

Hoever, as I outlined above, it really isn't necessary because the CDDB database files are not upgraded from the original release...

I hope that helps....Randy
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