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#255446 - 03/05/2005 22:54 ripping FROM Rio Central
Frank B.
new poster

Registered: 02/05/2005
Posts: 2
I'd like to download my music from RioCentral to an external (NTFS) drive before I sell it. Emplode lets me see the tracks but not move them. Anything out there that will work with XP? Thanks.

#255447 - 03/05/2005 22:58 Re: ripping FROM Rio Central [Re: Frank B.]
carpal tunnel

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Loc: Seattle, WA
JEmplode. If you've got an ethernet connection.

I'm pretty sure the Central has been off the market long enough so that secret is OK to tell people.
Tony Fabris

#255448 - 04/05/2005 00:02 Re: ripping FROM Rio Central [Re: tfabris]
The Central Guy

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Plus the latest few versions of jEmplode were fixed up for the Central so that all the tag information is copied (previously only the song titles and maybe track numbers were copied and all of the other fields were copied)....

The feature you want to use is called "Export" and it is fairly stable. I've been able to copy upwards of 40-50 GB in one long session without any errors or timeouts, etc.

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