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#257674 - 04/06/2005 04:03 CD quality music downloads & Central-like device
The Central Guy

Registered: 18/03/2002
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Loc: San Diego, California USA
Check out this article about startup company MusicGiants. They are planning on offering "CD quality" music downloads for $1.29 per song to try and attract some audiophile interest.

On the beginning on the second page, though, be sure to read about the SoundVault product they are planning to start selling (400GB storage, stereo system component, network connection, high quality sound card, etc.) for $9,500(!).

And you thought a Rio Central was expensive originally at $1,499....Wow, just how many of those boxes do they think they'll sell? Sounds like a high-end solution for rich folks, custom homes, etc. And it comes complete with Microsoft DRM features...

As crazy as I am for audio gadgets, I could never justify that much money for 400 GB of storage and a player...But it's interesting to read about...

After all this time, I'm still amazed that no one has tried to introduce a reasonably priced Central-like box that can store music and serve it instead of relying on a network connection and some sort of traditional PC storage (like Audiotron, Squeezebox, etc)

Oh well, good article...

Happy owner of 2 Centrals, 2 Empegs Mk2a 160GB, 1 Empeg Mk2a 60 GB, a Rio Riot, 4 Rio Receivers, and two 1GB iPod Shuffles...

#257675 - 04/06/2005 04:30 Re: CD quality music downloads & Central-like device [Re: The Central Guy]
carpal tunnel

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Well no one has made a decent car mp3 player either. I think all people are ready for is portables