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#25785 - 29/01/2001 17:53 PT Cruiser Install

Registered: 19/01/2001
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Loc: San Francisco Bay Area
I spent this weekend installing my new Empeg into a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. I took a ton of pictures of the install and I will create a web page with them as soon as I get some time. The install went great and I am very happy with the results (but I really need a subwoofer). Here is a list of the components that I installed:

1 - Empeg 12 gig Blue
1 - Rockford Fosgate Punch 400.a4 Amp
1 - Rockford Fosgate Fantic P component speakers
1 - Blaupunkt T-Line 5"x7" Speakers (not sure if I like these)

I ran new 16 gauge speaker cable and used rockford fosgate interlink patch cables. The Fanatic P component speakers are wired in parallel but I have yet to install the crossovers that they came with. I installed all the speakers in their factory locations which isn't the best (midrange near your feet - tweater on the top of the dash). Power cable is run on the left side of the car, speaker cables down the center and RCA cables on the right. When playing some songs I have noticed a slight hiss during quiet parts but it cannot be heard if the engine is running. Sound quality is wonderful but lacking in a nice thumping bass. I have yet to actually adjust the amp (the gains are all the way down) or play with the Empegs EQ.

I should have the web page with the pictures up by the end of the week.

Does anyone have any helpful hints on setting the amp gains?

Cruz Ths

#25786 - 29/01/2001 17:57 Re: PT Cruiser Install [Re: CruzThs]
carpal tunnel

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Does anyone have any helpful hints on setting the amp gains?

Yes. Go to the FAQ section of this BBS and locate the message titled "What are the most common installation problems?". There is an amp-gain-setting section there.

Tony Fabris
Tony Fabris