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#26060 - 02/02/2001 07:47 Not In Car, but has anyone seen this?
carpal tunnel

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One of the people at work showed me this link. Has anyone seen / heard one of these?

Paul G.
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Paul Grzelak
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#26061 - 02/02/2001 09:15 Re: Not In Car, but has anyone seen this? [Re: pgrzelak]
carpal tunnel

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Yep, they've been around for ages. They're the guys who co-ordinate their hair colour with their logo at shows. Coincidentally they were in the audience at the Blue Man Show at the Luxor after CES this year, when Hugo got dragged on stage.

We have something in the pipeline (it's no secret, Ken Potashner has refered to it many times in announcements) which should liven up this market segment somewhat.


#26062 - 08/02/2001 08:20 Re: Not In Car, but has anyone seen this? [Re: rob]

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Looking at their website I'm even more convinced : NTSC/PAL outputs for the MK3 please ! Full color visuals / easier playlist navigation it's a must have feature (Also the "emnav" project would probably love this).

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