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#261104 - 21/07/2005 19:40 3.0 Tuner wishes
old hand

Registered: 16/02/2002
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Loc: Oxford, UK
I would like to see some of the parameters that play a part in the AF functionality exposed in config.ini to enable user 'tweaking'.

I suspect that some of the problems users are experiencing with AF simply don't present themselves to the empeg developers and as such, fixing them becomes more difficult if not impossible with all things considered. I'm fairly certain that some of the problems I'm experiencing are caused by interference from local radio stations. Prior to owning the empeg, if I drove through my local town while tuned to a weak but listenable station, the local station would 'bleed through' occasionally - could this potentially confuse the empeg?

First up, I know nothing about the empeg's tuner code or AF from a developer standpoint and perhaps none of this is even remotely possible. Anyhow, here's a couple of examples of the type of parameters I'm thinking about:

- # of times the alternate frequency must be sampled at the Minimum Signal Strengthbefore it becomes a candidate for the AF list.
- Minimum Signal Strength (see above). Perhaps as a percentage of the current signal strength or just a number.

#261105 - 09/03/2006 12:54 Re: 3.0 Tuner wishes [Re: AndrewT]
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I posted this elseware but it also applies here too.

I'd like to see a decoder for the SCA subcarrier audio channels.

and maybe a simple spectrem analyser for the current station to see what subcarriers are in use.
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