Over the last couple of weeks, my Karma has been making a sort of buzzing noise on and off when the hard drive is spinning (loading tracks, on bootup, etc.) I noticed it again today while listening to some music, and decided to turn it off to try smacking it on my desk to see if that could resolve it. Unfortunately, when I tried to restart it, it went into an infinite loop where it would get to "Starting Player..." and then reset. I smacked it a couple of times for good measure, but I can only do that so much at work before they start to take notice. I've had my Karma for more than 2 years now, and as far as I know, I have the latest firmware, but I obviously can't check right now. My worst fear is that the hard drive is dead and that I'll have to move on to another player. Can anyone help me out with any other things I can check? Also, if it is dead, are there any recommendations on a replacement player?

Thanks in advance.