So I wrote this script to create .m3u playlists in all the directories with none; it named them $artist--$album.m3u and seemed to have worked ok till I re-imported my library and viewed the playlists on my rio;
Many show up as GRATEF~AD or some such (makes me think of DOS extended filenames displayed as 8.3) and the alphabetical sort of the playlists is totally screwed up.
So, I assume that the filenames are too long, but don't know what the limit is. Can someone tell me what the limit is? I found a link in the FAQ section for the http GET requests to query ARM but the link is broken

P.S. I've had tRio for a ?week? and WOW. I love good firmware and this is it. I've had the Rio for a couple years and liked it, but it always lacked good firmware/software. Suddenly the box got REALLY COOL and I ordered a second which should be on its way to me now! Great work guys.

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