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#275127 - 28/01/2006 20:26 Does the stock server software rescan folders?
carpal tunnel

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Does the stock Rio Receiver software rescan folders, or does it always have to be manually done?

If it's manual, any easy way to possibly kick it off once per boot of the PC?

Failing that, is there an easy to install/run software package for Windows that can rescan a folder?

Reason I'm asking is that I am giving my Receiver to a friend for them to use, and they aren't up for much beyond a basic installer that just works. MediaNet seems to be a bit much for what they need, and didn't pass my own test of being able to have it running and supporting the Receiver in under 5 minutes.

#275128 - 29/01/2006 06:30 Re: Does the stock server software rescan folders? [Re: drakino]
carpal tunnel

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Manual, No and No.
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