The built-in amplifier has 2 sets of pins that connect to the main board (or maybe the small set of three pins don't plug in - no Rio to look at here, just the amp). These are simply plugs and the whole amp can be removed with no detrimental effect (unless you want to output to speakers of course:-). Can anyone tell me what these pins are.

Thing is, I want to try and utilise the amp for a different source (well switchable in fact), so if I can identify what pin is what I might be able to rig up suitable cabling and rear sockets to allow an alternitve input.

I realise that the amp takes its power from the main board so the Rio will also have to be on - unless I modify that too. Not sure about that though. However, where does the volume control work? By default this only affects speaker output and line level is unaffected, but does this mean that the signal is modulated within the amp, or does it simply control the signal that goes to the amp independently of the signal to the line output?