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#281689 - 19/05/2006 11:10 A question of volume (specifically for Mark I guess)

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I was getting a lift into work a couple of days ago in a colleague's Renault Laguna and I realised that his stock radio was turning the volume up and down as he varied his speed. As we accellerated up a local dual carriageway, the stereo's volume became noticably louder and then backed off again as we approached a roundabout. I thought that this was quite a cool idea.

Could this be done in Hijack by taking the speed signal from the ECU and connecting to the serial input? Assuming you know what wire you need of course. I know what it is in my car, I don't suppose it would be too difficult to find out for most vehicles.

Excuse me if I'm talking utter rubbish, I just thought it would be a neat feature

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#281690 - 19/05/2006 12:39 Re: A question of volume (specifically for Mark I guess) [Re: Major_Sarcasm]
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#281691 - 19/05/2006 13:02 Re: A question of volume (specifically for Mark I guess) [Re: Major_Sarcasm]
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My car's standard CD Player did the same. It was quite neat actually because it was so subtle I only appreciated it when it was replaced with the Empeg.

The VAG name for the lead on the ISO connector which has the speed signal is called the GALA connector. The OEM satnav also makes good use of this to guess where you are in long tunnels and such.

Anyway, yeah it is neat. The flipside is I simply don't miss it enough to do anything about it. I would imagine it would take some electronics hacking to interpret the GALA signal, and something to talk to the serial port and relay that data, and then some client software on the Empeg to do the volume thing... not to mention all that taking the sled in and out and driving about testing. It sounds like a lot of work for that relatively minor feature.