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#282848 - 08/06/2006 22:18 No Display / No Boot on Rio Central
new poster

Registered: 08/06/2006
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Hello, I am new here and wanted to know if anyone out there can lend a hand...

I have enjoyed my Central for about 6 months without any real issues until now. Last night I moved my UPS and did not realize that when I disconnected the power that the Central was ON and PAUSED.

Now the Central will not boot. The fan spins, the LED under the STANDBY illuminates, but the button has no function. Also the display does not illuminate at all. I did crack it open and an interesting thing is that if the IDE cable is connected the hard drive does not seem to boot. If the IDE cable is disconnected the hard drive sounds similar to a PC booting.

I am lost without it, I may have to load up the ARM software for my 5 receivers. If anyone has any ideas, please help, because I really do not want to do that. =)


#282849 - 09/06/2006 03:34 Re: No Display / No Boot on Rio Central [Re: sgtschultz]
The Central Guy

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Loc: San Diego, California USA
Welcome to the board....

I guess I would try a couple of things. Not sure if you have a lot of music and/or would mind re-initializing the hard drive...But here are some ideas...

1) See if you can boot from the original CD. If successful, you can try to update the software. That would leave your music intact if it works.

2) If #1 doesn't give you any luck, I would try to install a new hard drive and see if you can initiaize that from the boot CD. Hopefully you didn't fry anything on the motherboard and it's just a hard drive issue...

3) If that doesn't work, we'll have to put our heads together and see what other ideas we can come up with....

Happy owner of 2 Centrals, 2 Empegs Mk2a 160GB, 1 Empeg Mk2a 60 GB, a Rio Riot, 4 Rio Receivers, and two 1GB iPod Shuffles...

#311427 - 17/06/2008 18:54 Re: No Display / No Boot on Rio Central [Re: The Central Guy]
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I too have a Central that has no display or activity when I attempt to power it up. Honestly my problem sounds very similar to this.

The kicker is that there is no display to know what is happening with the unit.

I have attempted using the boot disk and replacing the hard-drive to no avail.

There are several LED indicators on the board that may be useful however as I am not sitting in front of it right now I have no idea what is happening.

Honestly this unit has been sitting in my closet collecting dust for years since it started acting this way.

#317309 - 14/12/2008 16:34 Re: No Display / No Boot on Rio Central [Re: Kev]

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Here's a few other things to check.

When you burn the boot cd, make sure you use a quality disc and burn it slowly (8x max). I have had similar problems due to bad CD burns.

Make sure the HDD you put in is <128G.

Replace the IDE cable.

Go buy a serial to ttl converter and read the output via a serial console. You can get them for around 10$. This should conclusively tell you what is going on.

#340702 - 04/01/2011 16:59 Re: No Display / No Boot on Rio Central [Re: geeknerd]
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I am experiencing the same issue. The repair shop years ago looked at it and could not figure it out.

I decided to give another go at this but I am missing the flex cable that connects the LCD screen to the board behind it. It is a 3 inch cable very basic lcd type cable. I have no idea the part number or anything. I downloaded some manuals but they do not display the parts.

Anyone know the parts catalog for this? Of if anyone has a dead unit that can sell me that part. I can take a pic if needed of what I need.