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#286574 - 11/09/2006 06:31 Fixed IP for Rio Receiver
new poster

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Waking up the server on rio receiver's power-up (if it was in sleep) seems to work.

but if either the rio receiver was fully powered down, waking up the server does not work anymore, and i have to do this manually.

i tried the following workaround: on another server, which is alway powered up, there is a tool, ping-ing the receiver. as soon as it detects the receiver (the ping command answers), a magic packet is sent to the audio server, which powers up.
using this with a netgerar mp101 seems to work fine, as the netgear allows configuration of a fixed ip address.

unfortunately, the rio receiver seems not to allow fixed ip. so when it is powered up from zero, it does not find a server, and displays a 'random' ip address it has now.
but when sending a ping to this ip address, there is no answer.

i.e. i see no way to detect if the rio receiver is running.

is there a way to configure a fixed ip to the rio receiver?

is there another way to detect if the rio receiver is powered up?

is there another solution to boot the audio server when starting the rio receiver from zero?


#286575 - 11/09/2006 10:12 Re: Fixed IP for Rio Receiver [Re: bong4]
carpal tunnel

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is there a way to configure a fixed ip to the rio receiver?

Yes. Use a proper DHCP server and reserve an address for the Rio Receiver. This way, it'll always get the same address.
-- roger