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#305402 - 23/12/2007 17:49 Mercedes A-Class W168
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Got around to installing an Empeg in my sisters A-Class today. It was pretty easy, with a proper DIN slot and battery in the drivers footwell what more could you ask for?

There is a huge amount of space in around the stereo, behind the switches above the stereo is all empty as is behind the ventilation controls. My PCATS tuner easily fits in there - hey I could probably get 4 of them in there! The space would be handy for car kit boxes. I'm using a very small amplifier - a Blaupunkt BQA-120 4x30W. This could actually fit in the dashboard, but I'd have nowhere to mount it and it would make things rather fiddly. I mounted it under the passenger seat.

It sounds good - not particularly loud but that is as you can expect with the teeny little speakers. Thanks a lot to Chris for the funky buttons, Patrick for the tuner kit and AndyM for putting it together \:\)


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#305404 - 24/12/2007 00:09 Re: Mercedes A-Class W168 [Re: sein]
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Looks nice!
-Rob Riccardelli
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