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#329060 - 21/01/2010 11:49 Toolchain for Receiver and Jeff Mock Mirror

Registered: 24/09/2003
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Does anyone have the files that were up on Jeff Mock's ftp site? Mostly, I'm looking for the arm-linux toolchain and the kernel patches, binaries and source.

I'm looking to do some mods to the receiver firmware.

Unfortunately, Jeff passed in 2008. The website says that it will be up until October 2010. I don't have a website myself or I'd put up a mirror. Does anyone want to mirror it before it's taken down?

#329128 - 23/01/2010 06:35 Re: Toolchain for Receiver and Jeff Mock Mirror [Re: geeknerd]
old hand

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Did you write to Bob about the files?

#329130 - 23/01/2010 14:42 Re: Toolchain for Receiver and Jeff Mock Mirror [Re: larry818]
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Registered: 24/12/2001
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mlord has an empeg toolchain on his site. It should be fairly similar.

#329131 - 23/01/2010 14:47 Re: Toolchain for Receiver and Jeff Mock Mirror [Re: tman]
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The only difference between a Receiver toolchain and an car-player toolchain would be the kernel headers specific to the Receiver. Um, if there even are any; and if there are, I'd rather hope the names don't clash with the specific-to-car-player ones, so they'd be easy to add to an existing installation of the car-player toolchain.


#329233 - 26/01/2010 06:53 Re: Toolchain for Receiver and Jeff Mock Mirror [Re: peter]
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I successfully built Receiver kernels with Mark's tool chain. Not that I ever expect to need to do it again, I'm 100% Squeezebox now.
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