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#33 - 21/06/1999 05:47 Why so long getting empeg???

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I sent an email off to empeg and Hugo wrote back to tell me that it's currently the software that's holding back delivery of the empegs.

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#34 - 21/06/1999 08:05 Re: Why so long getting empeg??? [Re: ShadowMan]

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It's a shame that this sort of information isn't made public either on the empeg site, or via the mailing list. I know they are probably working flat out to fix the problems, but when they sent the mail last week saying it was about to ship, I thought the wait was finally over...
However, I've waited this long, so a couple more weeks probably won't hurt (Although I was hoping to get it before go on holiday, as it would have been perfect for the long motorway drive.. =(

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#35 - 21/06/1999 12:54 Re: Why so long getting empeg??? [Re: ShadowMan]

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Which software? Client side "loader" or the unit's software? Know if they are ramping up production on more hardware during this delay?

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#36 - 21/06/1999 19:11 Re: Why so long getting empeg??? [Re: dmoore]
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Both, really. We've been optimising some of the USB stuff, plus other bits on the player end. The first release of the player software won't be amazing, but we're likely to be releasing weekly upgrades on the website for those dying to get the latest toys ;)

As for further production, yes, we're working on it. There's a new PCB design for the second batch, basically more SMT and less through-hole so that it can be produced in a more automated fashion.