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#334162 - 16/06/2010 12:42 Slimrio and Squeezebox server....yes, circa 2010
Big Dawg Unit
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Yes, I have been trying to get this working for about the last week. A couple of years ago, I looked at it, but I ended up waiting until I had a better grasp of linux to get my hands dirty and...well, its problematic.

First of all my rio (Actually a Dell) works fine with the original and/or Rio 1.04 software running from a Windows 7 machine. However, I really wanted to use it with internet radio (e.g., Shoutcast), and on my low-power consumption always on Atom 330 box with Ubuntu Lucid. As far as I know, slimrio was about my only option.

I installed squeezebox server (7.6 on the Lucid box and 7.5 on my macbook - but not running at the same time) slimrio on the Lucid box, (already had) my ssdp and nfs servers set up successfully on the Lucid Box - router handles DHCP. When I boot up I get the slimrio logo and credits on the machine. However, a few seconds later, the dell has an epileptic seizure (flashing different screens rapidly) and says it has no connection to slimserver. If I go to menu, it will select a song or stream and play about a half-second note before it goes bonkers again and rapidly flashes between screens (with clicking) and goes back to no connection.

I have tried it with a direct connection to my router (Airport Extreme N w/gigabit E) and to eliminate possibility that the connection speed was too fast, I set up my old WRT54G with DD-WRT as a wireless client bridge and set up a port at 10T, and it still connects but then goes crazy. I can only guess that something in one of the servers is interrupting the connection, Squeezebox Server (both 7.5 mac and 7.6 linux ) is incompatable with Slimrio, or my Airport Extreme (which is my DCHP server to the rio - static IP)has an incompatibility with the rio (I read something about that on this forum - all though I could not verify because netcat to the rio has not worked as well for me (or I don't quite know what I'm doing). I question this though, because the machine is rock solid with Rio/Windows 7 as a server.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

#341907 - 05/02/2011 17:47 Re: Slimrio and Squeezebox server....yes, circa 2010 [Re: Big Dawg Unit]

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I have squeezebox 7.5 running just fine serving 5 rio players running slimrio. It does sound like it is a network problem.