hey guys,
been a while, hope you're all good!

just bought myself a 2003 vivaro, it's got an all singing all dancing factory 'thing' in the middle which is cd, tuner, sat-nav and something else, all in one (i'll rtfm later!), I think it's made by seimens and i'll try to get the model number later.

I imagine it's the same system installed into their cars around the same time so, i'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience of installing an empeg with one of these in situ?

to make things easy on myself, I was hoping there'd be an aux in the back of the factory unit and just use it that way, rather than try to wire up the factory through the empeg, there's a premium factory 8 speaker set-up in the cab as well as parrot bluetooth so i think that's best left alone!

any hints or tips before i begin to delve into the dashboard?