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#347339 - 11/09/2011 11:44 Re: Strange printing problem [Re: Redrum]
carpal tunnel

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Originally Posted By: Redrum
Hu.. I guess they have really improved. I have an Epson Workforce 500 and really hate it.

Iím constantly changing ink cartridges (well the wife is a rarely print) and itís confusing to use. Way too many buttons.

Well, while I think you're going to get a great many buttons on any all-in-one printer, the WorkForce 840 might appeal to you. It has a a touchscreen surrounded by context-lit buttons. Any buttons you don't need for whatever's going on that moment are completely dark and you cant see them at all.

But mostly I'm a fan of the software install process and how it handles network scanning. While I think the software could be far better, it's still FAR better than everything else I've seen for a printer like this. And the network scanning, when set up properly, is dead simple. Once the software is installed on the computer, you can go directly to the printer, press scan, then either "Scan" or "Scan to PDF," and then you're presented with all the computers on the network it can see with the software installed. Once you press one of those computers you're done and you have a scanned file on your machine. Very impressive, IMO.

Again, I only wish it were laserjet. I don't want all the drawbacks of ink anymore. Unfortunately all-in-one laserjets are still pretty expensive, and I just don't want to trust some of the companies that make them anymore. I don't think I'll ever buy another HP printer again...

#347350 - 12/09/2011 11:52 Re: Strange printing problem [Re: Dignan]

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Ahh - my HP LJII still worked when I finally threw it out just after christmas. It was just too damn expensive and heavy.

It was excellent though, way better than the LJ5P, Deskjet and Epson all in one I have had since
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