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#358907 - 07/06/2013 23:01 Volume long press on remote too slow

Registered: 29/07/2008
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Loc: North Bay, CA
I added the Kenwood RC700 remote recently. It works pretty well, there's only one thing that really bothers me. The volume changing speed is quite slow. I'd like it to change faster when I long press the buttons.

I've seen others talk of remapping the IR commands to do multiple presses, but this only works for short press, right?

This is better than nothing I think, anyone else do this, and possibly have an example of their config?

Is the long press functionality currently in the player code or the kernel? I'd guess that Hijack could be made to override the long press with it's own repeated-short-press to get speed it up.

#358909 - 08/06/2013 00:56 Re: Volume long press on remote too slow [Re: presslab]
carpal tunnel

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The "long press" recognition code in Hijack works on a one-shot basis -- no auto repeat. So probably not quite what you're looking for.