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#365033 - 11/10/2015 02:17 Emplode changes genre tag?
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So, I've gone through my mp3 library and fixed various issues like missing genres, supplying missing disc number data, and so on.

When I've uploaded a small batch of albums using emplode (v2.0) to the empeg (MKII, Hijack 5.18, 40GB) the genre of some albums is preserved, and others are not.

It isn't one particular genre. Some 'rock' albums kept their genre information intact, others did not. Some 'country' albums were affected, others were not. Etc.

In fact, one album from an artist can be fine (The Moon Is Disgusting by That 1 Guy, genre 'rock') and the next album (Packs a Wallop!) is 'other'.

I'll stop there and see if this sounds familiar to anyone... I suspect that it is something that I did in my tagging effort, but I'll be darned if I can see it.

I'll bet that this is my problem.

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Tom C

#365034 - 11/10/2015 05:12 Re: Emplode changes genre tag? [Re: aksnowbiker]
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