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#365074 - 17/10/2015 23:58 Anybody else use a Pelican 1200 case?

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I have Pelican cases for a handful of other things and use them constantly at work, so I did some measurements and an empeg looked like it would squeeze into a 1200 perfectly. I was right. I paid $38 for this and had it in two days.

Also in the foam, there's a suitable philips screwdriver and the proper allen key to tear the whole guy down. In the bottom, there's enough room for a few cables, a spare remote battery and a spare remote, when I can find one. There's just under a 1" air gap for storage underneath the player in its foam cocoon. I'm going to get some paracord to wrap around the handle and give me a suitable place to lash a carabiner for attaching to my backpack, race car chassis, etc.

#365075 - 18/10/2015 11:03 Re: Anybody else use a Pelican 1200 case? [Re: FieroSTi]

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#40104192 120Gb (no longer in my E36 M3, won't fit the E46 M3)