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#365420 - 03/12/2015 04:22 trouble with jemplode
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I am trying to use jemplode v70 and I have v3a11 on my empeg. when I try and use jemplod it recognizes my empeg player and I click on it. Once I am in the program it shows my playlist, but It doesn't show any of my music that is on my empeg player, which is the mark a2. I want to be able to play flacs on my player. when I use jemplode it pretty much does not do much of anything. most of any of the options don't work on it. I need help. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Also I was looking around the forums and have seen that you can install SATA instead of the IDE. Do you just have to get an adapter or is there more required?

#365774 - 14/01/2016 21:44 Re: trouble with jemplode [Re: Mr_Maniacal]

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I have had zero luck with jemplode and v3a11. Frankly, I'm just not sure the two are compatible. When I try to sync even like two songs with jemplode and v3a11, it crashes and the unit reports sigkill and segfault errors. Is there a specific reason you want to run v3 instead of v2?

Techincally, yes. You can use a SATA-IDE adapter, but it won't work very well with actual 2.5" SATA drives properly mounted to the drive tray, because there won't be any room at the interface for the adapter. There's barely enough room for the IDE cable already. I took the opportunity to upgrade to an SSD, so I got a 256GB mSATA card, dropped it into a JMicron mSATA-IDE bridge adapter and run that. People here have had good just with JMicron adapters versus others like Marvell.

#365776 - 15/01/2016 19:10 Re: trouble with jemplode [Re: Mr_Maniacal]
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The other way to do this is to buy a 44-pin native SSD. "Kingspec" seems to the be brand for those (eBay).