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#369803 - 22/11/2017 18:53 An impressive piece of gear
carpal tunnel

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I bought this from, and am impressed with it. I think a good bit of thought went into the design, and some of the technical specs are, to my uneducated eye, pretty impressive.

Clamping voltage: 115-230V
Surge Protection.: 4,000 Joules (!)
Maximum Wattage: 1875 Watts

I like the way they laid it out so I can plug in six wall-warts at the same time, and still have six plugs available for regular cords.

The USB ports are "smart" and will charge my iPod shuffle, which usually only charges when plugged into a computer. An Amazon Kindle dongle, for instance, won't charge the iPod.

I can only think of two changes I might make, one of them silly overkill, the other would cost them nothing.

1) There's room there, why not make it six USB ports instead of three?
2) Change the wall plug to one of those 90 wall-hugging plugs so it could be plugged in behind a nightstand.

I'm also impressed that the manufacturer quickly replied to every question or complaint in the Amazon Reviews and Questions.

I know, this is not some super-high-technology breakthrough, but I thought it was nicely thought out and useful.


Power Strip.jpg

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#369827 - 26/11/2017 17:24 Re: An impressive piece of gear [Re: tanstaafl.]
carpal tunnel

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I'm always worried when I see more than 5V/2.4A through a "normal" USB port. This means that they're either supporting Qualcomm's QuickCharge or something Apple-specific, neither of which will necessarily play nicely with "normal" USB devices.

I'm waiting patiently until you start seeing devices like this with a bunch of USB-C ports, where USB-PD (power delivery) can theoretically go up to 100W on a given USB port. If/when such things became common, then you could imagine carrying around laptops without a power brick. That would be really nice.

#369838 - 27/11/2017 21:12 Re: An impressive piece of gear [Re: tanstaafl.]
carpal tunnel

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Looks good. I usually go with this Belkin, but it has the silly phone and coax surge protection stuff on there that I've never used in my life. No USB. But the design is nice and slim, and it has the 90 degree plug that's pretty much a requirement for me. I could get an adapter for the one you linked, though.