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#371285 - 06/10/2018 14:12 Thin client options
carpal tunnel

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I've given you a decade, humankind, to get on the case. So is there now a device such as Tahir described all that time ago, which is usable as a video streamer when your TV is turned on, but has enough of its own screen to serve as an audio streamer (through an existing amp and speakers) when the TV is off? Bonus marks for Ethernet as an alternative to wifi, and for digital audio out as an alternative to line-level. Bonus marks for 4K/HDMI2.0 video out. Bonus marks for integrated Bluray/DVD tray, though I'm kind-of resigned to that being a separate device.

Ocean Digital make a few things that would just about cover the audio side (but no video), and the Clazio device is even closer, except it has its own speakers and no line-out at all. (Plus it's marketed as an Alexa/"OK Google" device, which fills me with dread, though I expect I'd put any such device on a DMZ with no Internet access anyway.)

I mean, I expect nowadays (as opposed to ten years ago) it'd just be a matter of dreary effort to cobble all this together with a small PC and Kodi or suchlike, or even a Raspberry Pi. But surely this is still the device that everybody wants, so is it really still not obtainable off-the-shelf as a thing I can just plug in?


#371286 - 06/10/2018 14:54 Re: Thin client options [Re: peter]
carpal tunnel

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A small laptop computer?

#371307 - 11/10/2018 12:27 Re: Thin client options [Re: peter]

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Peter I'd still love to find this.