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#371761 - 06/03/2019 16:50 General Hello!
carpal tunnel

Registered: 23/08/2000
Posts: 3825
Oh wow. You have no idea how happy it made me to see this forum is still alive and kicking. I was cleaning out some passwords management archives and was reminded of the bbs... lo and behold it's still here!!

I still have my mk2 in a box in the basement with dock and all. Wow. I now feel horrible for leaving it sitting for so many years. I'll have to go dig it out and see if it still boots.

That's about it, just wanted to say hello to the best forum that I was ever a part of. I miss this sort of engagement often. Cheers to all you old hats. Hope all is well.
|| loren ||

#371762 - 06/03/2019 17:01 Re: General Hello! [Re: loren]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 29/08/2000
Posts: 14002
Loc: Canada
Hi loren!

Fancy a weekend party with some of us? This June 8-9, Cambridge UK.

#371763 - 08/03/2019 00:34 Re: General Hello! [Re: loren]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 19/01/2002
Posts: 3518
Loc: Columbus, OH
Hi Loren. Good to see some of the early members checking back in. Lots of water under the bridge. Hope you're well.
~ John