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#371875 - 17/04/2019 17:54 Seattle Downsize

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Having moved to a new floating home, I determined that I do not'have a place for my Empegs/s. Nor do I have time to re-immerse myself in Empeg setup, Emplode, et cetera.

In my Ballard storage unit I have a large tote containing 3 Mk2/a, as many sleds, 1-2 PCATS tuners, 1-2 Vulcan remote display kits and maybe other stuff. Being uninterested in eBay and Craiglist, my first choice of moves would be to meet an interested local-ish party at my storage unit, sort through bin contents, and accept a friendly offer for the entire lot.

A very large storage unit business 2 blocks away from mine was just sold to make way for more apartments for more Amazonians, and I fear mine could go away next.

Motivated seller smile


#371877 - 22/04/2019 20:07 Re: Seattle Downsize [Re: snowcrash]

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Loc: Champaign, IL
What did you think you'd want to get price-wise?

I could use some spare parts for my currently operational Empeg Mk2's.


p.s. you can also email me at [email protected] -- I've realized I'm not getting notifications from the BBS. (need to check my email server.)

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