Hi All,

I've recently been cleaning out my garage, and I have two Rio Empeg head units for sale.

Unit 1 - This one was installed in my WRX many years ago. Has upgraded hard-drives (60G & 40G, I think). Hijack installed. Powered up, and working fine. Two small holes drilled into the mounting housing, but otherwise unaltered. Origianl PSU (110v US), serial cable, CD, and remote included. Wiring loom in good condition, but I don't have the "car" side of the multi-pin socket.

Unit 2 - Purchased 2nd hand for the Hilux, or perhaps as a spare in case Unit 1 failed, but I never got around to installing it. Original 10G HDD (I think). Powered up, and working fine. Hijack installed. Still in original box, with PSU (110v US), serial cable, CD, and remote included. Wiring loom in good condition, although the labels are faded & hard to read. "Car side" of multi-pin socket still in the original bag, and has never been used.

I also have 2 x IDE (PATA) HDDs to go along with these. I think they're the original drives, but can't remember. 1 x 10G and 1 x 20G IBM Travelstar drives. I connected both to my mac with a USB-to-IDE adapter, and they spun up & mounted without issue.

Both units are branded Rio, so I assume that means they're the v2a version. It has been so long since I've looked at this stuff though, I'm happy (and expecting) to be corrected. I don't have a computer capable of running the Empeg software anymore, but I was able to connect to the serial interface of both units, so may be able to extract more details about them given appropriate instructions.

PM me for pictures and details, or email me at bmc_twg[at]yahoo.com.au

Located in Canberra, Australia.

Happy to split these up if you're only after one.



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