Does anybody have any clue of what would be the best way of developing own applications/plugins for Empeg?

In my knowledge, you can either have cross-platform environment and compile the ARM executable on your I386 & Linux and then just transfer the binary to Empeg or you could transfer only the source codes to Empeg and then run the compiler on the unit (G++ from shell) which would produce the ARM executable.

Personally, I would prefer the latter since you could develop the software on I386 & Win32 (MSVC++) platform and design the program so that it would have separate input/output system that can be different in PC and Empeg platforms.

That way, you could easily preview your own visualization plugins under Windows and have a feasible debugging environment.

But is this kind of approach possible? Is there enough resources in Empeg to compile applications or is there any other known limitations?

- Kim