It's now been about three weeks since I recieved my unit, and so far the time with it has been great. At this point, I have been using in in my home only. I plan on getting it installed into the car soon, but getting that car legal to drive has been my priority first.

The main thing I like about it so far is the future possibilities. I am still expermenting with the programming side of the unit, and for now find myself pretty much stuck until empeg releases the source or more info on the player software and related things like the init.

I still haven't seen too many show stopping bugs. The wav file incident has to be the worst so far. I wish I could figure out why RDS isn't working properly.

Overall at this point, I'd like to see MOD support, better handling of bad files, and if at all possible, some sort of volume normalazation. And the next update so I can stop cyclying through so many visuals to get to the full screen info.

I'll post more info once it's installed into my car hopefully withen the next two weeks.

My empeg site is: