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#5885 - 31/08/1999 07:06 External HardDrive Box?
new poster

Registered: 31/08/1999
Posts: 2
Loc: Austin, TX, USA
Have you guys at EMPEG thought about the concept of an external (add on) hard drive box? something the size/shape of a small car CD changer perhaps?

#5886 - 31/08/1999 10:11 Re: External HardDrive Box? [Re: Tarapin]

Registered: 23/08/1999
Posts: 129
Loc: Toronto, ON, Canada
Why not fill up the current unit to its maximum first before worrying about more storage.

#5887 - 03/10/1999 08:29 Re: External HardDrive Box? [Re: Tarapin]
new poster

Registered: 02/10/1999
Posts: 6
Loc: Canberra, Australia
This would hopefully be the next logical progression since the EMPEG guys built a mchine with more HD capacity than physical space. My main concern with this sort of accessory is that the IDE bus has a reasonably sort distance limitation. It's probably not possible to push the IDE channels across a lengthy cable (which would be required with a boot mounted external box).


#5888 - 03/10/1999 08:32 Re: External HardDrive Box? [Re: GlennCorbett]
carpal tunnel

Registered: 19/05/1999
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Loc: Palo Alto, CA
There's no way we could have an external IDE bus - the EMC problems would be huge (apart from anything else). An interesting possibility would be using the serial port, as at 230,400bps you can stream even 160kbit MP3s over serial...

USB isn't an option as, to plug into a PC, the empeg has to be a USB slave, and slaves can't talk to each other ;)